Endorsed Local Provider

Endorsed by Dave Ramsey for Property & Casualty Insurance, Including Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, and Business Insurance

Meet Andy Yost

I am a huge Dave Ramsey fan. I’ve known of Dave Ramsey since his early years of the radio show when my family lived in Tennessee for a few years. I became very familiar with his radio show and Financial Peace University (FPU) when I experienced some significant financial hurdles. After participating in FPU, and seeing that everything I have ever taught with insurance was completely consistent with Dave Ramsey’s teaching, I knew I wanted to start working with Dave’s organization.

I have been an Endorsed Local Provider for our region since 2011. Today, approximately 75% of my clients come directly from the Endorsed Local Providers program or from referrals from these clients. Because of that, my clients frequently are similar to my family. My family is entrenched in our faith, we have homeschooled all four of our kids, we coach our kids soccer teams, we value relationships with our friends and family, and we have a few goats and chickens. Although many of my clients are similar to my family, we work with single moms, widows, and newlyweds every day.

What to Expect

On the initial call, we’ll discuss your current insurance and get to know you and your family needs a little better. From there, I will then be able to assess how I can help you. Many times I find that my clients are already with the best insurance company for them, but need a little help navigating the policy and addressing a few areas of concern. In this case, I will take the time to discuss with you what your current policy covers and offer suggested changes that may better suit your needs.

In most situations, I will offer you an insurance quote with one of my providers. We’ll discuss the basic coverage and pricing options and email all quote information that is discussed. If you are happy with the proposals after you review them, we’ll set up an appointment time that is convenient for you at your home or location of your choosing. At this appointment, we will review your current and new policy information and I’ll answer any questions you may have. If you choose for me to become your agent, I will take care of all cancellation letters and coordinate the necessary payments with your mortgage company if you have an escrow account.

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